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Kent Kading

Vice President - Global EHS Management Consulting Services

1111 3rd Avenue Suite 1600 Seattle, Washington, 98101, United States of America

Work: +1 206.438.2110

Cell: +1 425.894.0092

Additional Contact

Jean Lynch

Senior Marketing Coordinator

250 Apollo Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Work: +1 978.905.2295

Company Overview

With over 85,000 employees and offices in 160 countries, AECOM is a global provider of technical and management support to markets including facilities, EHS, energy, water, transportation and government. As a leading EHS service provider to the industrial sector, we have broad experience with companies in all worldwide. AECOM has the expertise and global resources to help clients achieve sustainability goals, environmental protection and worker safety cost-effectively, delivering true value to the enterprise.

Service Offerings

EHS Management, Due Diligence and Auditing

AECOM delivers innovative, leading-edge environmental, health and safety (EHS) services to clients worldwide. From corporate-level environmental and sustainability policy setting and enterprise-wide assessments, to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support, AECOM’s client-focused, cost-effective and reliable EHS solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, liability and fines—adding true business value. AECOM’s due diligence practice is truly global. With environmental, health and safety professionals strategically located worldwide, we mobilize the best resources to meet client project needs providing country-specific regulatory, linguistic, and cultural support tailored to the needs of the transaction and integration of the business.

Air Quality

As worldwide concern grows over such issues as greenhouse gases, regional haze, transportation congestion, and mercury emissions, AECOM has developed comprehensive air quality services that help our clients achieve their development goals while improving and protecting the world’s air quality. Emission inventories, permitting, modeling and compliance assistance through emission control system design and construction capabilities are provided.

Remediation, Water & Wastewater

Across the world, AECOM solves complex site contamination challenges – addressing a broad array of contaminants, working with diverse stakeholder groups to bring together the best resources in the marketplace. AECOM remediation teams: critically assess contamination, assess risks to identify receptors and safe exposure levels, embed leading edge innovations and technology to simplify remedial actions, reduce costs and prepare and implement remedial designs. We design and implement wastewater treatment systems that meet today's performance and regulatory challenges. We take an integrated and sustainable approach, which is essential to the effective identification of water supplies and for management of industrial wastewater.


Industry faces increasing challenges to growing business including global competition, depressed customer demand, costs of raw materials and government mandated programs. Environmental protection and worker safety are mandated yet also important business risk management objectives. AECOM works hard to translate sustainability and carbon footprint into value-creating initiatives. Reducing liabilities in assets for acquisition/divestiture ensures efficient capital management. Obtaining timely regulatory approvals ensures capital projects success. We tailor our strategies for managing industrial site contamination or closures to balance cash flow with corporate revenues and effectively move to regulatory closure, sire re-use and to eliminating unwanted liabilities on your balance sheet.

Service Area

  • Locations in 160 countries on every continent.,

Visit for a complete list of locations.

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