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Services Offered

    Air Quality · Auditing · Climate/ Greenhouse Gases · EHS Compliance Consulting · Regulatory Tracking/ Gvt. Affairs · Waste Management/ Treatment · Water/ Wastewater Management


Affiliates Council Contact

Margery Moore

Director, EHS Strategic Alliances

1801 South Bell Street
Arlington, VA 22202

Work: 703-341-3736

Cell: 202-494-0534

Additional Contact

Mark Kozeal

Director, EHS Marketing

1801 South Bell Street
Arlington, VA 22202

Work: 703-341-3731

Cell: 202-329-1701

Company Overview

Bloomberg BNA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomberg, is a leading source of legal, regulatory, and business information for professionals. Our network of reporters, correspondents, and leading practitioners delivers expert analysis, news, practice tools, and guidance — the information that matters most to professionals.

Service Offerings

Environment & Safety Resource Center

The complete solution for EHS compliance, guidance and analysis. Bloomberg BNA's Environment & Safety Resource Center combines powerful compliance tools and expert analysis with continuously updated federal and state laws, regulations, and court and agency decisions. The Resource Center allows you to access full-text citations with seamless linking and compare regulatory changes and amendments over time. You can also create custom federal and state regulatory summaries to keep track of new requirements in the jurisdictions in which you do business, and follow the latest EHS developments with Bloomberg BNA's premium environmental news.

BNA Domestic and Global Auditor

BNA Auditor and BNA Global Auditor allow you to assess your facilities' compliance with applicable environmental regulations at the state and federal level in the U.S. and in more than 120 jurisdictions overseas. Our online auditing tools allow you to customize your audits by selecting just those modules that apply to your facility, or by adding corporate standards or site-specific requirements. You can also rely on detailed instructions, auditor guide notes, and field-tested checklists to quickly identify areas of conformance and nonconformance, improvement opportunities, and more. Finally, you can save, share, and export your EHS audit checklists.

Daily Environment Report

Get objective, original reporting from the news service that's been covering environmental requirements and policy developments for more than 40 years. Bloomberg BNA's Daily Environment Report provides objective reporting on legislative and regulatory developments, court and administrative decisions, compliance and enforcement efforts, and international standards. Stay ahead of the curve as you monitor laws, policies, trends, and practices that could affect your business. Bloomberg BNA's breaking coverage of the day's top environmental news helps you rest easy knowing you can make the most informed business decisions on environmental compliance and management.

Why Bloomberg BNA?

For more than four decades Bloomberg BNA has provided objective news coverage, expert analysis, compliance tools and practical guidance for environmental managers, attorneys and other professionals. We track EHS laws, regulations, policies, court decisions, and trends at the federal, state, and international levels – and we deliver the information in a customizable format to meet the needs of today’s EHS professionals.

Service Area

  • Arlington, VA

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