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Services Offered

    Air Quality · Auditing · EHS Compliance Consulting · Environmental Forensics · Industrial Hygiene · Management Consulting · Mergers/ Acquisitions/ Divestures · Remediation/ Restoration · Risk Assessment Management · Sustainability Strategy · Waste Management/ Treatment · Water/ Wastewater Management


Affiliates Council Contact

Kenny Ogilvie


110 Kentzel Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Cell: 412-855-3047

Fax: 412-774-2990

Company Overview

EHS Support LLC (EHS Support) is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with 23 satellite offices located throughout the United States and two offices in Australia, Brisbane and Melbourne, respectively. EHS Support’s growth strategy relies on successfully attracting high quality, energetic and experienced employees, as well as developing continuing, stable client relationships. EHS Support has grown 100 percent organically. Our organizational best practices, employee attraction and retention, and culture have been developed from scratch. EHS Support provides the following services both domestically and internationally:

  • Environmental Permitting & Compliance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Health & Safety
  • Operational Studies for the Oil & Gas and Chemical industry
  • Risk Assessment & Toxicology
  • Water Resources Management

Service Offerings

Environmental Compliance

Compliance is more than just adhering to relevant regulations, it’s about setting the right systems in place to ensure that your organization and staff both succeed. At EHS Support we develop and refine existing management systems for environmental, health and safety to ensure our clients will pass inspection and any future audits. The advantages of EHS Support’s unique approach to management system development and auditing services include:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Making sure that EHS issues are given systematic attention
  • Improving business performance
  • Providing opportunities to reduce operating costs and risk exposure
  • Strengthening public relations and improving relationships with stakeholders
  • Supporting sustainability initiatives within the organization

Mergers & Acquisitions/Due Diligence

EHS Support understands that every deal is different. Therefore, your environmental due diligence program must be tailored to the goals of the transaction. EHS Support provides a comprehensive approach based on the concept that environmental challenges are business decisions, and need to be solved as such. While determining the costs of environmental liabilities may be sufficient for some deals, others may require more detailed solutions in order to mitigate the long term risks. Our team quantifies technical, remedial and regulatory issues that characterize a due diligence effort. In addition, we provide the ability to help you answer critical questions needed to evaluate business risks and support transactions.

Site Assessment, Management, and Remediation

The experience of EHS Support’s Technical Experts, on site assessment and remediation projects—extensive field experience, professional and technical pedigree, is integral to our success. We know what works and we have realistic expectations of what can be achieved through active remediation. This, in combination with our strong advocacy skills, has resulted in the successful negotiation of investigation, site management strategies, and remediation programs that have resulted in the closure of numerous sites (with and without remediation). We have built our team so that we can offer the global capabilities and knowledge of environmental scientists, hydrologists, geologists, engineers, site assessment experts, environmental auditors, and compliance professionals; all key resources to successful project implementation.

Why EHS Support LLC?

EHS Support has a long and successful track record with environmental, health and safety projects. Our abilities to work in dynamic and challenging conditions, where schedule is critical and problems have to be simultaneously identified and solved, is integral to our success. EHS Support provides the right balance of experience and youth, which ensures projects are well scoped and effectively executed. We pride ourselves on being the “go to” technical service provider our clients rely on with difficult regulators or stakeholders, complex technical issues or negotiations, and when innovative and cost effective approaches are needed.

Service Area

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