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Services Offered

    Air Quality · Auditing · Behavior Based Safety (BBS) · Chemicals & MSDS Management · Climate/ Greenhouse Gases · Construction Management · Decontamination · Dispute Analysis/ Expert Testimony · EHS Audits Management · EHS Compliance Consulting · EHS Marketing & Communications · EMIS Strategy/ Design/ Implementation · EMS/ ISO Consulting · Environmental Forensics · Facility Design/ Engineering · Green Building/ LEED Services · Incident Management System · Industrial Hygiene · Management Consulting · Mergers/ Acquisitions/ Divestures · Property Redevelopment · RECs/ Carbon Offsets · Regulatory Tracking/ Gvt. Affairs · Remediation/ Restoration · Risk Assessment Management · Sustainability Performance Management · Sustainability Site Assessments · Sustainability Strategy · Training · Waste Management/ Treatment · Water/ Wastewater Management


Affiliates Council Contact

Denny Lerch

Senior Associate | Chemical Engineer

70 Blanchard Road Burlington, MA 01803

Work: 973-658-3918

Company Overview

Haley & Aldrich’s engineers, scientists, and constructors gain a deep understanding of your near- and long-term environmental and manufacturing challenges across your business lifecycle, so we can co-create innovative solutions that secure your future. Our one-team approach allows us to draw from our 600 engineers, scientists, and constructors in nearly 30 offices for creative collaboration and expert perspectives. Since our 1957 founding, we have had one overarching goal: deliver long-term value efficiently, no matter how straightforward or complex the challenge. We look beyond the technical problems to develop solutions that are future-proofed for the ever-changing regulatory, customer, and supply chain environment. Even for tried-and-true services like legacy site cleanups, Haley & Aldrich finds ways to reduce costs and lessen environmental liability, so the property can ultimately contribute to positive cash flow.

Service Offerings

EHS & Operational Risk Consulting

Haley & Aldrich provides a broad range of EHS and operational risk consulting services designed to help incorporate technical issues and regulatory information into business decisions, helping to reduce and manage EHS costs, risks, and liabilities. Our nationwide network of experts understands that managing EHS issues at today’s corporations has become increasingly complex, requiring a command of not only technical issues—but of laws and regulations, public relations and communications, and business management practices. We recognize that your company is anything but static. Likewise, we don’t provide a cookie-cutter approach when confronting operational challenges. Instead, we gain a deep understanding of the business climate within and outside your operations to not only help you address what’s essential to keeping your business on keel today but to co-create an approach that helps prepare you for future uncertainties. Our team has the credentials and expertise in environment, health and safety, and enterprise risk management, to address your most vexing problems. Our experts support clients with their fundamental EHS planning, permitting, and program development needs, as well as more complex issues of health risk assessments, enterprise risk management, and strategic operations planning. We create the right solutions for your business, so your company gets what it needs to effectively respond to the challenges ahead. For information about these services, please contact Denny Lerch at

Sustainability Consulting

Haley & Aldrich brings a unique and proven approach to supporting our clients in sustainability strategy development and delivery to address unprecedented challenges. The sustainability challenges that we face today are not simply technical problems; issues such as climate change, water scarcity, and corporate social responsibility are quickly evolving and are unprecedented in nature. These are challenges that cannot be solved simply by applying best practices but require an adaptation of roles, business processes, communication systems, and priorities to achieve truly transformative change. Haley & Aldrich deeply engages the people who are closest to the problems we are tasked to solve to co-create a clear articulation of vision and goals, identify obstacles getting in the way, and solve problems together. Our approach is dynamic and responsive to our clients’ evolving needs and to the outcomes of our stakeholder-engagement efforts. When paired with our deep expertise across sustainability disciplines, this is an ideal approach for solving “adaptive challenges.” Our process fosters ownership and accountability in a way that traditional consulting models simply cannot. From developing comprehensive climate action strategies to delivering programmatic solutions to specific sustainability challenges in the areas of energy management, water stewardship, waste reduction, mobility, and social responsibility, the Haley & Aldrich team offers unparalleled experience. Our team includes nationally recognized sustainability leaders who deeply understand the importance of elevating sustainability at the highest organizational level while engaging those closest to the work. For information about these services, please contact Karin Holland at

Air Quality

Haley & Aldrich’s air quality services provide our clients with a current and forward-looking strategy to support their business success. We recognize that air quality issues are an integral part of a company’s current and future operational and performance risk. Our approach is to develop effective business solutions by understanding the need for flexibility and consideration of emergent regulatory requirements. Using strategic planning allows our clients to reduce costs, operate efficiently, and maintain a competitive advantage within the marketplace. We approach air quality services in an untraditional way, by applying a strategic, client-specific vision that takes business impacts into consideration. Our experience, from negotiating permit conditions to addressing nuisance odor issues to informing control technology design, allows us to tailor each project to our client’s needs. By leveraging our full suite of nationwide air capabilities, we can support a range of projects, from the simplest to national portfolios, using our unique vision. We approach basic air quality topics with a strategic twist, considering effects both inside and outside the fence line and with an understanding of how your operations can influence relationships with the surrounding community. For information about these services, please contact Tina Berceli-Boyle at

Why Haley & Aldrich Inc.?

From a foundation of technical excellence across all major environmental and engineering disciplines, we take novel approaches to our clients’ challenges. We build a deep understanding of the multi-stakeholder problems our clients are trying to solve and integrate more efficient processes with new ways of applying technology. To ensure success, we operate as a single, coordinated team, aligning the best minds from our organization for the project, regardless of location.      

Service Area

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