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Affiliates Council Contact

Lisa Langdon

Director, Technical Operations

199 East Badger Road, Ste. 200
Madison, WI 53713

Work: 608-663-7347

Cell: 608-417-9222

Additional Contact

A.W. Armstrong

Principal, EHS Services

8501 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759

Work: 512-553-8889

Cell: 512-921-8438

Company Overview

Kestrel Management helps companies manage operational risks, design and implement management systems, make process improvements, and assure compliance. We address many of our clients’ difficult operational challenges—quality, environmental, safety, business continuity, food safety—and work with management to deliver reliable, achievable, and sustainable solutions. Kestrel does this by offering a suite of integrated services:

  • Operational Risk Management
  • Management Systems
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Process Analysis, Improvement & Business Continuity
  • Food Safety

Service Offerings

EHS Management Systems

A Management System is the framework that enables organizations to achieve their operational and management objectives. It forms the basis for continual business improvement and is the key to any successful enterprise risk management program. Kestrel's services include:

  • Assessment of current operating policies, procedures, and practices
  • Design, deployment, and optimization of management systems (aligned, integrated, or standalone) for quality, environment, food safety, employee safety/health, process safety management, energy, security, disaster recovery/business continuity, sustainability
  • Training programs
  • Performance measurement and metrics
  • Certification readiness
  • Supply chain process conformance validation and verification
  • Stakeholder strategic communications planning

Compliance Program Development & Implementation

An essential component of any compliance program, an audit captures compliance status and provides the opportunity to identify and correct potential organizational losses. A compliance assurance review looks beyond the “point-in-time” compliance audit to critically evaluate how the organization manages compliance programs, processes, and activities, with compliance assurance as the ultimate goal. A compliance assurance review will help an organization to define and understand:

  • Compliance requirements and where regulated activities occur throughout the organization
  • Current programs and processes used to manage those activities and the associated level of program/process maturity
  • Deficiencies in compliance program management and opportunities for improvement
  • How to feed review recommendations back into elements of the EHSMS to create a road map for sustaining and continually improving compliance

Information Technology Systems (ITS)

The professionals behind Kestrel’s Information Technology Systems (ITS) services have extensive experience in the environmental, safety, and IT fields. We use this experience to apply technology to traditional processes, helping clients satisfy internal and regulatory requirements, reduce operational risk, achieve continual improvement, and meet three fundamental business objectives: save time, save money, improve results.

Why Kestrel Management?

At our core, Kestrel works to understand the potential risks to our clients, and to then build tailored systems/processes and management tools that yield improved operational practices. Kestrel’s solutions have staying power because they are successfully embedded within our clients’ organizations. Not only do we work for our clients; we work with them. We make sure organizations can sustain and continue the process improvements implemented when Kestrel’s work is done.

Service Area

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