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    Training · Waste Management/ Treatment


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Paul V. Gallagher


12596 West Bayaud Avenue, Suite 210
Lakewood, CO 80228-2035

Work: 303-526-2674

Fax: 303-526-5471

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Robyn Weber

Vice President of Marketing and Strategy

12596 West Bayaud Avenue, Suite 210
Lakewood, CO 80228-2035

Work: 303-526-2674

Fax: 303-526-5471

Company Overview

McCoy and Associates is a national environmental engineering firm that conducts in-depth seminars on the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In addition, McCoy publishes technical publications and electronic products on the federal RCRA regulations and CAA (Clean Air Act) regulations. McCoy serves environmental professionals in industry and manufacturing, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and the environmental regulatory markets. McCoy trains environmental professionals and provides practical tools for those who work in plant or facility environments and are responsible for daily operational decisions.

Service Offerings

RCRA Seminars

McCoy training empowers environmental professionals who, by the nature of their work, must balance the mission of their organization—with the protection of human health and the environment. In 2015, McCoy will conduct 16 public seminars in major markets across the United States. We offer five-day comprehensive and two-day refresher courses covering topics including RCRA Fundamentals; Critical Generator Issues; Advanced RCRA Topics; Air Emissions, Manifesting, and Land Disposal Restrictions; and Remediation, Demolition, and Spills.

Technical Publications

McCoy and Associates writes and publishes a suite of technical publications that are updated annually to include the latest changes to the regulations. McCoy's RCRA Reference contains the complete text of the federal hazardous waste regulations that implement Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act including 40 CFR Parts 260-280 and 148. It also features cross-reference "icons" that alert you to guidance in McCoy's RCRA Unraveled. This companion book provides a detailed discussion of interpretations clarifying the regs, from routine applications—to the most troublesome situations. RCRA Unraveled includes logic diagrams, illustrations of complex processes, over 500 examples from EPA guidance documents, and more. McCoy's RCRA Compliance CD is an advanced, fully searchable research tool that includes both publications noted above, as well as 1,450 RCRA online documents, 360 Federal Register notices (1995 and later), and 45,000 hyperlinks of guidance documents. The CD generates productivity gains by enabling your staff to simply click between the regs and guidance to find specific technical information quickly and easily. McCoy also publishes CAA Unraveled, First Edition. Though not updated annually, this publication has in-depth coverage of the NSPS, NESHAP, and air toxics programs; LDAR inspection and monitoring requirements; a section on BWON requirements; effects of MACT vacaturs; guidance on synthetic minors; applicability determination tools; and state vs. federal authorities. The publication provides a broad view of one of the most confounding and complex regulatory programs.

In-house RCRA Seminars

McCoy brings its training directly to customer facilities, and in the coming year will provide in-house training to more than a dozen organizations. These seminars are an efficient and effective way to train large environmental groups with the added benefit that the entire team gains a uniform understanding of the regulations and uses the same reference materials. This facilitates greater communication between team members as they discuss complex compliance issues and decide upon the best course of action. In turn, this creates exceptional value for McCoy customers by raising their skill level and knowledge of RCRA and the compliance decisions the organization takes.

Why McCoy and Associates?

Our perspective is that if your environmental regulatory team understands the federal hazardous waste regulations at a deep level, they'll make the right compliance decisions—for your organization—with greater certainty. Thus, McCoy teaches the principals and structure of RCRA that is often counter-intuitive, confusing, and difficult to understand. Our logical, step-by-step, methodical learning approach makes intricate concepts remarkably easy to digest.

Service Area

  • Lakewood, CO
  • , Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
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