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Use this section to browse the profiles of NAEM's Affiliate Members, a group of leading EHS and sustainability service providers and consulting firms. To search by keyword, enter your criteria in the search box on the right-hand side. You can also browse by services by visiting the tab above.

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Velocity EHS

Laura Murphy

Vice President, Customer Experience

Work: (416) 410-4817 ext 2111

Heritage Environmental

Mary Linn Leonards

Corporate Account Manager

Work: 215-606-7880

Work: 713-554-1658

Cell: 713-256-8574

Beveridge & Diamond

John Guttmann


Work: 202-789-6020

Cell: 412-449-9681

Fax: 412-774-2990


Thomas Johnson

Regional Business Development Manager

Work: 773-380-9247

Cell: 734-231-4578

Trihydro Corporation

Gary Risse

Business Unit Leader - Industrial, Commercial, and Energy Services

Work: (307) 745-7474

Cell: (678) 428-5308

Solution Foundry

Krista Goodale

Senior Consultant

Work: 678-708-7495

Cell: 678-708-7495


Brooke Dillon

EHS Services Lead/Senior Technical Manager

Work: 720-482-3614

Cell: 303-815-7210

Fax: 303-850-9214


Lisa Barnes

Technical Director, Sustainability & Climate Change Services

Work: 303.218.3507

Cell: 720.272.0904

Fax: 303.988.2583


Laura Stillman

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Work: 3127847955

Tetra Tech Inc.

Alicia Hartley

Business Development Manager

Work: (734) 213.4046

Cell: 734.223.8064

Work: 412-429-2324

Fax: 412-429-2114


James Margolis


Work: 484.913.0405

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Mark Johnson

Vice President

Work: 978-687-7292