Directory of EHS & Sustainability Service Providers

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Service: Regulatory Tracking/ Gvt. Affairs

Miles & Stockbridge

Marian Hwang

Chair, EHS Practice Group

Work: 410-385-3604

Fax: 410-385-3700

Work: 216-765-7100 x111

Amec Foster Wheeler

Jack Schiavone

Vice President, Industrial/Pharmaceutical Sector Leader

Work: 401 432-7703

Cell: 978 223-8011


Jenna Newcombe

Senior Engineer

Work: 978-206-5744

Cell: 978-621-4182

Fax: 978-263-9594

Work: (608) 826-3669

Cell: (608) 698-4186

Fax: (608) 826-3941


Brooke Dillon

EHS Services Lead/Senior Technical Manager

Work: 720-482-3614

Cell: 303-815-7210

Fax: 303-850-9214

Bloomberg BNA

Margery Moore

Director, EHS Strategic Alliances

Work: 703-341-3736

Cell: 202-494-0534

3E Company

Julee Vecchio

Marketing Communications

Work: 760-930-6619