Directory of EHS & Sustainability Service Providers

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Service: Remediation/ Restoration

Trihydro Corporation

Gary Risse

Business Unit Leader - Industrial, Commercial, and Energy Services

Work: (307) 745-7474

Cell: (678) 428-5308

Tetra Tech Inc.

Melissa Koob

Vice President

Work: 734.213.5045

Cell: 734.323.6321

Fax: 734.213.3003

Pinnacle Engineering

Marty Moran

Director-Environmental Operations

Work: 763-277-8417

Cell: 612-849-7533

Fax: 763-315-4507


Shannon Roberts


Work: 312-879-2074

Haley & Aldrich Inc.

Denny Lerch

Senior Associate | Chemical Engineer

Work: 973-658-3918

MWH Global Inc.

Christopher Daly

Supervising engineer

Work: +1 312 831 3415

Cell: +1 312 860 2356 FREE

Antea Group

Laura Nelson

Senior Consultant

Work: 860 269 3491

Cell: 303-615-3106


Mark Heaney

Vice President

Work: 703-818-3201

Cell: 516-508-1639

Fax: 703-818-8813


Minda Sarmiento

Program Manager

Work: 512-306-2077

Cell: 512-657-1578

Fax: 512-306-2061

Miles & Stockbridge

Marian Hwang

Chair, EHS Practice Group

Work: 410-385-3604

Fax: 410-385-3700